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Important notes:

- Buffs, reflective vests, belts and cups are in stock and available straight away. 

-  If you would like us to post any of your item(s) : please e-mail us separately about this and we'll discuss cost and logistics etc.  

-  All t-shirts, singlets, hoodies & visors are on a pre-paid/pre-order basis - with orders now closed. The next pre-order will be in 2025.

Reflective vest - $12.50
Reflective vest - $12.50

- Orange or Yellow

-  Easy to wear

- Lightweight

- One size fits all

- Adjustable

Running Headband/Buff - $10
Running Headband/Buff - $10

- Winter running headband/buff

- One size fits all

- Able to be worn multiple ways  - with multiple colours 

Collapsable Event Cup - $6
Collapsable Event Cup - $6

- 200ml & lightweight (10 grams)
- Sustainable, soft & flexible
- 100% BPA & PVC free
- Can be used for hot or cold drinks
- Made of 0.25mm thermoplastic pulyurethane


Sunday 28 April

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